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March 12, 2020

BIMData in Lyon, France are using the xeokit SDK to power the graphics within their extensible browser-based IFC viewer.

Using the xeokit SDK, BIMData's BIM viewer is able to view large, full-precision IFC models (2×3 and 4) in the browser.

Users can load multiple models, then use X-ray, highlighting and slicing tools to create custom views, which they can then share with other users via BCF. The viewer is embeddable, customizable and extensible via plugins.

BIMData also has a data management API, which provides tools to upload IFCs, manage files and retrieve model data. Find complete developer documentation for the viewer and data API at

xeokit's unmatched loading and rendering speed enables us to create interactive and customizable Web visualization experiences for large BIM models, even when loading many large models simultaneously. The code is clear and properly documented, the examples are sufficient to understand how everything works, and the API is explicit and complete. These qualities, in combination with xeokit's experienced and skilled community, make xeokit a viable alternative to larger engines such as AutoDesk Forge and Unity.

Hugo Duroux, Technical Director at

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